Seanluc Inc. is a manufacturing firm started in 1992, founded by Roger Qiu. It was envisioned to provide affordable prices with good quality products. Our main product is Mr. Hat Gulaman jelly powder. Products of Seanluc Inc. are distributed nationwide. We reach our consumers with the help of our trusted nationwide distributors. After several years of building trust and confidence to our consumers, we continue to grow as a company, we create a better service for the consumers and add more production workers to supply the demand on our products. With the help of consumers patronizing our product, we have been able to develop and innovate new products for the consumer needs and wants. Now, we are also manufacturing candies, dishwashing, and hair styling products. Seanluc Inc. will never stop innovating products to provide and satisfy the consumer needs.


To be a well-known manufacturing company that provides quality products with affordable prices in the most convenient way.


To continuously innovate and improve the product by upgrading the manufacturing processes and technology to be able to achieve the quality that will satisfy customer needs.