Cheesy Jelly Squares View larger

Cheesy Jelly Squares

    •    1 sachet (Green Unflavored)
    •    1.5 liters water
    •    ¼ - ½ kg sugar (as desired)
    •    1.8 oz cream cheese
    •    1 cup pears (diced)
    •    whipped cream

    1.    Dissolve in water and add sugar.
    2.    Put mixture into heat, stir thoroughly and wait until it boils.
    3.    Mix cream cheese into mixture and break into pieces with a fork. Stir until
          melted, but leave few chunks for texture. Afterwards, add pears. wait until
          it boils, pour into mold and let it cool.
    4.    After it sets, cut into squares and serve with a bit of whipped cream on top.