Ice Cream Wafer Sandwich View larger

Ice Cream Wafer Sandwich

    •    1 sachet (Red Unflavored)
    •    1.5 liters water
    •    ¼ - ½ kg sugar (as desired)
    •    1 pack wafer sandwich
    •    1 pint ice cream
    •    whipped cream

    1.    Dissolve in water and add sugar.
    2.    Put mixture into heat, stir thoroughly and wait until it boils.
    3.    After it boils, pour into mold and let it cool.
    4.    After it sets, slice gulaman into strips and set aside.
    5.    Line a 7x7 inch foil in a pan, cover bottom of pan with single
           layer of wafers.
    6.    Spread ice cream on top of wafers.
    7.    Cover ice cream layer with wafers, then place gulaman strips on top.
    8.    Repeat steps until desired height is reached. Then, top with whipped cream.
    9.    Freeze until ready to serve.