About Us

Rackey Crystal Top Corporation is a food manufacturer and repacker at the same time. We have our own marketing channel and distribution nationwide.

We manufactured candies, repacked coffee mix product, jelly powder mix and other related food products.


Beyond Services

We operate our business base on our integrity, quality product and valued customer services.

We’re continues searching and developing new and fresh product lines, that suits the taste of our target market changing tastes, lifestyle and expectations.

Our goals and objectives are to provide more job opportunities and ensure our personnel can provide the best for their family.

Encouragement, Motivation and Training for Sales Personnel for them to extend their skills and talents through communicating different peoples from all walks of life.

Aiming to be a Global Corporation which may contributes to the general well beings of all people in the world, through our business domain of food related products.


Business Ethics & Management Principles

We always put our clients first, synergizing our vast pool of creative resources and employee, superior technologies, innovative product and services with highest standard quality services.

We always respect all interested parties including shareholders, customers and end users, trading partners, employees on the basis of quote and concise decision making which is fair and open. Realizing appropriate return of investment to our shareholder and continually increasing our business values.

We are inviting both local and foreign investors on our product and give them unconditional and profitable income.